Biodigester in Kenya


The most reliable and ideal solid waste management system for your home or any premises.

Biodigester System Components.

✔️A Biodigester Tank
✔️A Soak-age or French Drain
✔️A Grease Trapper

Advantages of Biodigester

How does biodigester System Work?


Biodigester use the principle of:
✔️Displacement which ensures that equal volume of water flushed from the toilet is equal to the water that is displaced from the biodigester to the soakage.

✔️Biodegradation– This Process completely breaks down organic matter ( waste from the toilet) into water, carbon dioxide, methane & nitrogen. Enzymes are used to speed up the growth of bacteria which consequently speeds up the rate of reaction.

The Soakage/ French Drain

This is where the water discharged from the biodigester goes into. To make sure it is effective, the following have to be considered:
1. The length of the French drain.
2. The type of soil

The Grease Trapper

grease trap

It removes fats, oils and greases from the flow before going into the Soakage. This is necessary because it prevents clogging which could result to significant costs to the homeowner.

Advantages of Biodigester

✔️ NO Exhaustion Services will be required for a lifetime
✔️NO Smells & Bad Odours for a lifetime
✔️Minimal space is used
✔️NO Health Hazards are posed to your family since it never fills up, cost is determined by the size which is determined by the no of daily users and the soil topography
✔️ Low Construction cost

Ideal project for biodigester installation

Biodigester system can be installed in:
1. Schools
2. Farms
3. Residential
4. Gated community
5. Petrol station
6. Churches

Bio Digester

Biodigester  tank has an added advantage over septic tank  in that it can be buried beneath your land, you can use your top space for other propose like parking, back yard etc

How much does a Biodigester cost? Check Here

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Advantages of Biodigester


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