average cost of building a 3 bedroom house

  Average Cost of Building a 3 Bedroom House in Kenya+ Cost Calculator

Renting a house in Kenya is getting quite expensive, and more Kenyans are looking into building a house rather than buying /renting.  This paradigm shift is happening very fast, and information regarding the estimated cost of building a house is important. We have prepared an informative article plus construction calculator to help you.

average cost of building a 3 bedroom house
Ongoing construction of a three-bedroom in Siaya, HPD Team

Typically,  most three-bedroom houses are standard family houses that have three main bedrooms (master bedroom en suite), a living rooms, dining area, and a kitchen.  Common toilets and bathrooms can be included.

There is a growing trend toward the adoption of open-plan kitchen layouts in Kenya, and three-bedroom houses are no exception. These types of layouts are pretty prevalent in the western world, where individuals living within apartments and single-bedroom units make use of the entire house as one space.

Open Plan Kitchen
Open Plan Kitchen

What is the average cost of building a 3-bedroom house?

The cost of building a 3-bedroom house varies a lot but depends on many factors such as the location, soil type,  typography of land, size of the building (plinth area), and specification of materials, among other factors.

Construction of any project, including a 3-bedroom house, is done in stages, and each stage has its cost component. Below is the percentage allocation of every stage:

  1. Substructure/Foundation –  which includes foundations and slab:- 15%
  2. Superstructure – which includes the mainframe and walls:- 13%
  3. Roofing  – which includes trusses, mabatis, gutters, labor and other materials:- 21%
  4. Doors &Windows  – which includes doors, windows, and other security measures:- 11%
  5. Finishing– which include plastering, tiling, painting, etc:- 25%
  6. Interior fittings – which include closets, cabinets, kitchens, etc:- 4%
  7. Plumbing fixings – which include  sinks, showers, taps, flushing toilets, etc:- 5%
  8. Electrical installations – which include sockets, switches, wiring, etc:- 6%

It is important to understand that the highlighted points are quite general and can only give you a rough estimate of total costs.

We have categorize the  major cost factors that significantly brings cost varies of any project

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  • Quality of finishes

The quality of materials commonly has a huge impact on construction costs.  Take, for example, hardwood flooring vs tile flooring; hardwood flooring will cost almost double the cost of tiles, thus significantly affecting the total cost.  High-quality finishes often classified as Executive Finishing (like a hardwood floor, decra roof, gypsum ceiling,… etc) will significantly increase construction costs. 

To bring it into perspective, building a modest house (with standard finishes) in Nairobi costs can about Sh. 30,000 per square meter (SQM),  and a high-end home costs upwards with executive finishing, can cost up to  Sh 45,000 per square meter.

  • House features

A house’s internal and external features are key determinants of building costs. Reducing the size and number of windows, for example, can lower your building costs, while using vaulted ceilings and high roof pitches can significantly increase your expenses.

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If you want your house to have a rectangular shape, then it will cost you less cash than a person who is going for a house with angles as well as corners. The corners and curves will result in the requirement of intensive labor, not forgetting the fact that more materials will be required. The shape of the roof can also add to or reduce the cost of building a house. For instance, a hip roof requires more materials and labor than a gable one.

Average cost of building a 3 bedroom house

  • Size of the house (plinth area)

The size of a house is also an important consideration. The more spacious the house is, the higher the plinth area, and since the building cost is done per square meter (SQM). The cost per square meter is from Ksh.30,000 and above as indicated above. The average plinth area of a 3-bed-roomed bungalow is 100 m2, therefore, total costs will be 100m2 X 30,000/- = Ksh. 3M.  Check the calculator below for your customized plinth area and finishes.

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Note: With this information, however, you will require the services of a quantity surveyor for accurate and detailed budget estimates.

Check the estimated construction cost using the calculator below!

How To Use The Calculator

Step 1:  Adjust the Plinth Area to the estimated Total Area of your upcoming house. E.g, 2 Bedroom = 60 Square Metres, 3 Bedroom from 80 Square Metres, etc…

Step 2: Choose the Type of Finishing, Roofing Type, and Flooring Type.  The approximate project cost will be indicated below this. 

Step 3:  You can also include contact details and submit


Approximate Project Cost

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