biodigester bacteria enzymes

Biodigester Bacteria Enzymes and How it Works

Biodigester Bacteria Enzymes are are complex compounds composed of several beneficial bacterium and enzymes. The enzymes are natural, environmental protection and non-toxic.

The  primary function  of  these bacteria enzyme is to accelerate decomposing of the organic materials into water and methane gas.

biodigester bacteria enzymes
Biodigester bacteria enzymes

When  added to the bio-digester system, the beneficial bacteria in it activates and begin to secrete enzymes that rapidly digest and decompose organic waste to water and air.

The environmentally harmless microbes rapidly multiply in the bio-septic system, thereby restoring its biological health and efficiency.


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Key Benefits  of Biodigester Bacteria enzymes

  1. Natural bacteria & enzymes effectively degrade sludge into water and air
  2. Eliminates foul odour/smell
  3. 100% safe and environmental friendly
  4. Easy to use and safe to handle
  5. Natural bacteria & enzymes effectively degrade sludge into water and air
  6. This product could bring the pipe blockage and stink caused by organics under permanent control.
  7. Problems will be solved automatically, effectively and totally, as soon as the dilute solution is poured into bio-digester tank

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