Biodigester Toilet Design


Biodigester Toilet Designs: 5 Common Types of Biodigester Designs

Biodigester Toilet Design is a system to accommodate a toilet human waste which is then digested in bacteria integrated waste management system and therefore provides a means of safe human waste disposal. The system produces biogas (methane) and clear water.

If sufficient, the biogas produced from the digestion of human waste can be used as a cleaner-burning alternative to solid fuels for cooking, heating, and lighting.

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Here are some of the common Biodigester Toilet Designs:

Round Biodigester Design

Biodigester Toilet DesignThis is The most common design because it does not require a lot of space.  The design involves a deep, underground tank with a chamber partition on the inside wall. Depending on the volume of waste and organic materials to the digester, the minimum capacity of the round biodigester is 1000litres.  The inlet and outlets are connected to the partition wall, with the inflow higher than the outflow, so the effluent flows through the outlet.

Dome Shaped Biodigester Design

It consists of a brick/concrete structure made up of a tank in the ground with a dome that extends out of the ground. Some of these digesters have a small surface area above ground, which reduces installation costs and increases efficiency, especially in terms of  biogas collection.

Biodigester in KenyaDome Biodigester Toilet Design


 Rectangular Shaped Biodigester Design

Biodigester Toilet Design

Improvised High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Tank Biodigester Design

Biodigester Toilet Design

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Biodigester Toilet Design

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