kiambu county building approval rates

Building Plans Approval

Approval of Building Plans is a process undertaken by the county government to ensure that buildings are constructed safely for human habitation and as per the Government’s planning control. There are 3 approvals done in Kenya: Namely:

  1. County Government Approvals
  2. NEMA Approvals
  3. Project Registration by National Construction Authority (NCA)


Most counties like Kajiadocounty, Nairobi, Kiambu County, or the County Government of Machakos will need the following requirements   for Building Plans Approval

  • Authentic Ownership Documents (A copy of the Title Deed and the current official search from the lands office)
  • At least five sets of building plans for the Architectural Drawings and the Structural Engineers Drawings
  • Copies of the Architect and the Structural Engineer’s valid practicing Licenses.
  • Land rates clearance
  • Approval fee (determined by the drawing)

Upon submission of the above documents, the approval process begins should be 14-21 days to have the documents certified.

Also, check Kiambu County building approval rates (How to get a building permit).

Building Plan Approval Fees

The building permit fee is based on the size of the building and is done per square meters/ft. The fees includes:

  • Building plan approval fee
  • Construction signboard fee
  • Application fee
  • Inspection of building
  • Occupation certificate

Approval permits are usually for 2 years after which they will require to be renewed afresh. Same case for approving permits for change of user.

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