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Cement Texture and Properties of Cement Texture

 What is Cement Texture

Cement texture paste is cement wall finishes or plaster finishes. Cement texture mortar is repaired in cement-based products, and the finish is for decoration. It is applied with a trowel, and the and faced plaster and, then later, it is mixed coloured with chosen paint.

Cement the plastered finish is prepared in the way of mortar with cement, sand and water correctly and is then applied to achieve the smooth decorative finish.

Cement texture finish is a decorative finish paste & its mortar is prepared in cement-based products.

This type is used in all structural works where high strength is needed, for instance, foundation, flooring, etc. The cement is also used in the concrete mix finishes.

As cement is the powdered ceramic, the addition of water can be moulded and sets into solid Concrete bonding well to many surfaces.

There are many different types of cement used but most popular is Ordinary Portland cement for the construction.

Properties of Cement Texture:

There are the following properties of cement texture:

  • Fineness of cement
  • Soundness of Cement
  • Specific Gravity
  • Strength of the cement
  • Setting time
  • Heat of hydration
  • Bulk density of Cement


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