Coloured Building Stones Prices in Kenya

Coloured Building Stones Prices in Kenya.

What Are The Coloured Building Stones Prices in Kenya?

On average, the cost of colored building stones in Kenya can range from Kshs. 40 to Kshs. 60 per square foot.

They come in the standard 6×9 size which costs from Ksh 40 per piece, while the 9×9 size costs Ksh 50-60 per piece.

In general, coloured building stones are more expensive than regular building stones due to their unique appearance and aesthetic value. The prices may also vary depending on the size and shape of the stones. Other factors that affect the price include location, quality, and availability.

These stones are also available in various colors, such as red, grey, and brown. Some of these stones are mined from Kendu Bay and you can get colored stones that cost Ksh 50-55 per foot. These allow builders to create unique designs that stand out from traditional brick or cement walls.

Colored building stones are increasingly becoming popular in Kenya due to their unique aesthetic appeal and durability. They are an excellent option for both interior and exterior building projects.

When planning a building project, it’s essential to factor in the cost of materials. Colored building stones are generally more expensive than traditional building materials like brick and cement. However, they offer numerous benefits that justify the extra cost.

They are highly durable, require minimal maintenance, and have an elegant appearance that can add value to a property.

In addition to the cost of the building stones, it’s crucial to consider the cost of transportation and labor.

The cost of transporting the stones to the building site can be high, especially if the site is in a remote location. Builders should factor in these costs when creating a budget for their project.

When selecting colored building stones, it’s crucial to choose high-quality materials from a reputable supplier. Low-quality stones may be cheaper, but they may not last as long or have the same aesthetic appeal.

Reputable suppliers offer guarantees on their products, giving builders peace of mind that they are investing in durable materials that will stand the test of time.

Builders should consider the cost of transportation and labor when budgeting for their project and choose high-quality materials from reputable suppliers. With careful planning and attention to detail, builders can create stunning buildings that stand out from the crowd.

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