Deformed Steel Bars Prices in Kenya.

What Are Deformed Steel Bars Prices in Kenya?

The price of deformed steel bars in Kenya varies depending on several factors such as the quality, quantity, gauge, and location.

Generally, the cost ranges from KES 480 to KES 2,500 per meter length. The price of deformed steel bars may also fluctuate due to market demand and supply.

It is important to note that there may be differences in cost between suppliers, so it is advisable to conduct some research and compare prices before making a purchase.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that the steel bars meet the required standards for structural construction to ensure durability and safety.

The current prices for reinforcement bars in Kenya range from KES 450-500 for D8, KES 650-700 for D10, KES 900-950 for D12, and KES 1,600-1,650 for D16.

These prices are for 40 feet long bars, with Apex being the most popular brand. However, these prices may vary depending on the location of the supplier.

Another source provides a more detailed list of average prices for deformed steel bars in Kenya. According to this source, the price of D8 is KES 520 per meter while D10 is KES 820 per meter. The price of D12 is KES 1,220 per meter while that of D16 is KES 2,230 per meter.

The price increases as the diameter increases; for instance, D20 costs KES 3,500 per meter while D25 costs KES 5,700 per meter. The price of binding wire is KES 3,700 while that of hoop iron is KES 3,000 per roll.

Several factors affect the prices of deformed steel bars in Kenya. One such factor is demand and supply dynamics.

When there is high demand for deformed steel bars due to increased construction activities or infrastructure projects such as roads and bridges construction projects across the country or regionally like East Africa Community (EAC), their prices tend to increase due to limited supply.

On the other hand when there’s low demand or oversupply due to reduced construction activities or importation from other countries like China where they are produced at a lower cost than locally manufactured ones then their prices tend to decrease.

Another factor that affects deformed steel bar prices in Kenya is transportation costs. Transportation costs can be high if suppliers have to transport them over long distances from manufacturers or ports where they are imported from overseas countries like China or India.

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