Types of Roofs

13 Different Types of Roofs With Pictures

There are many popular roofing designs and styles to choose from for your house; range from gable-style roofing, gambrel, pyramid, flat roof, hipped roofs, and many others. We are going to highlight different types of roofs with pictures below:

1. Gable Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

Gable is probably the most common roof used on houses. It starts at the peak of the house and then slants down.

So if you like the traditional style of a roof, then this would be the one for you. Especially if you live in a climate where you get a lot of rain or snow.

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2. Bonnet Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

The bonnet roof is a double sloped roof with a lower slope at a lesser angle than the higher slope. This is ideal for a home with a large open porch area.

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3.  Butterfly Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

As the name goes, the butterfly roof is similar to the open wings of a butterfly creating a V shape. Although the butterfly roof is a modern and aesthetically pleasing option it can be quite a headache.

4. Curved Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

A curved roof adds an extremely modern, interesting feature to any building. Modern roofs take advantage of the flexibility of metal materials, creating one large curved structure.

Curved roofs do help to reduce resistance to wind, but are mainly chosen due to the stunning aesthetic look they can add to a building.

5. Dome Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

The dome roof can be traced back to the early Mesopotamia which explains the large use throughout various cultures. The architectural line of the roof goes back to pre-historic times where natural earth materials were used like mud and stone. The symbolic side reflects mortuaries and religious buildings.

Modern buildings that have dome roofs are religious buildings, government/legislative buildings, and functional structures like stadiums.

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6. Flat Roof

different types of roof designs

While plain-looking below, the flat roof is frequently used on modern and mid-century style homes and can be a striking design if you like the modern look. Flat roofs are not completely flat, there is a slight pitch so water can flow to the gutters. These roofs are found in residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

7. Gambrel Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

Much like the  bonnet roof, the gambrel roof has two different slopes (the lowest portion is for guttering). These roofs can be seen on farm houses and barns.

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8. Hipped Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

The hipped roof is a common roof design option used in Australian houses. The hipped roof offers a great look with excellent drainage as all slopes have a fall (generally 22.5-35 degrees) and the construction is not very complex

3 bedroom
Well done Hip Roof

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9. Pyramid Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

The pyramid roof design is a simple pyramid, with four sloping sides that are symmetrical.

10. Saltbox Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

The saltbox roof design is an a-symmetrical roof design with a fairly flat roof and on the opposite end, a roof with a greater pitch. They were originally developed to achieve more space.

11. Sawtooth Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

Similar to a saw blade, the sawtooth roof has multiple parallel pitches followed by a parallel vertical surface. This roof design was traditionally an industrial building roof style (seen on many warehouses) but it is now being used frequently in residential buildings.

12. Dormer Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

Dormers contain a window that projects vertically from a traditional pitched roof, creating an extended window in the roof.

This type of roof is most popular in loft conversions, providing an easy way of expanding the space and natural light in the converted loft room.

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13. Hexagonal Gazebo Roof

Different types of roofs with pictures

This complex roofing design makes any garden gazebo really stand out.

Formed of six triangular identically pitched roof panels and six supporting rafters, this type of roof is most typically used for a beautifully unique gazebo addition to a home or commercial garden lawn.

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Gable and hipped roofing styles (or a mixture of the two) are the most  common in EA  and least expensive to install making them very popular among the home-owners.

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Different types of roofs with pictures

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