Door Closer Price in Kenya.

What Is Door Closer Price in Kenya?

The price of a door closer in Kenya depends on various factors such as the brand, specification, size and functionality of the closer.

Generally, a basic door closer can cost around KES 1,500 to KES 5,000, while more advanced or heavy-duty models can range from KES 5,000 to KES 15,000 or more. For instance, high-end commercial door closers for heavy-duty doors can cost upwards of KES 25,000.

It’s important to note that prices may vary across retailers and suppliers. Buyers should consider their specific needs and requirements before making a purchase decision. Additionally, they are advised to compare prices from different sellers to find the most competitive deals.

Modern Fittings Mart Kenya offers a range of door closers with prices ranging from KSh 4,050 to KSh 25,500.

The overhead door closer for doors weighing up to 60kg costs KSh 4,885, while the DCL 61 with guide rail and hold-open device costs KSh 25,500. The DCL 34 concealed EN3 Startec withhold-open function costs KSh 18,000.

The overhead door closer DCL11 EN3 with arm Startec for doors weighing up to 80kgs costs KSh 7,900. It is important to note that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the supplier.

A genuine CISA door closer costs KES 10,000, while a heavy-duty Union/Assa Abloy door closer costs KES 6,995. A high-quality Yale door closer can cost KES 14,000 for the 2022V 2000 series or KES 6,250 for POW.

The Yale Hydraulic Door Closer 300 Series 522SB is priced at KES 5,900.00, while the Yale Hydraulic Door Closer – Silver (390 x 84 x 225mm) is priced at around KES 6,000.00 on Jumia.

The Protech Line website offers an automatic door closer with high-quality aluminum housing and steel-encased hardware for a great price, but does not provide specific pricing information.

It is recommended to check with local hardware stores or online retailers for current pricing information.

Wireless doorbells with cameras offer a number of benefits in various applications, including:

  1. Improved security: A wireless doorbell with a camera provides an additional layer of security by allowing users to see and speak to visitors before opening the door. This can help to prevent break-ins and other security issues.
  2. Convenience: A wireless doorbell with a camera allows users to monitor their property from anywhere, using a smartphone or other mobile device. This can be particularly useful for people who are frequently away from home.
  3. Delivery tracking: With the growing popularity of online shopping, a wireless doorbell with a camera can be used to monitor deliveries and ensure that packages are delivered safely.
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