EPS Technology

EPS Technology- Advantages and Disadvantageous of EPS Technology

The expanded polystyrene (EPS) technology involves the construction of houses by assembling ready-made EPS foam, sandwiched between a galvanized steel wire mesh that is plastered on both sides with concrete.

EPS Technology

There are usually single panels that can be used to construct up to 4 storeys and double panels that can be used up to 20 storeys.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of EPS Technology

ADVANTAGES of EPS Technology


Being a manufactured product, EPS are very eco-friendly by ensuring minimal degradation of the natural environment that is heavily impacted by mining stones in quarries. There will be minimal construction waste as EPS is recyclable and Reusable.

Shorter construction time

Buildings take a shorter time to construct. When using the EPS technology, a building takes a very short period of time before the occupation.

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Design Flexibility.

With this technology, a developer can implement virtually any building.  What the developer only needs to do is just to think and be creative

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More Safer

They have a higher resistance hence are safer during huge impacts such as earthquakes and tremors.

Insulation Properties

Insulation Properties.  EPS is undoubtedly an excellent thermal insulator. Often used in the building industry to insulate external walls, partition walls between apartments, and also, in a more dense form, for structures such as ceilings, terraces, and roofs.


The EPS panels are also soundproof that allows for some confidentiality and keeps away noise pollution.

EPS Technology

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The price of the EPS panels is slightly expensive compared to the traditional machine cut stones that may impact on the overall construction cost.

Screed/ Plaster

The EPS panels require screed/ plaster on both sides of the panel that may increase the cost of construction.

Specialized labour

The labour required to construct using the EPS panels is scarce and thus more expensive.


Being a relatively new building technology, there is minimally skilled labour available for maintenance purposes post-construction for example, when there is a leakage or any fault occurring to the built structure.

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Cost benefits of using EPS panel’s technology accruing from reduced costs as construction time is reduced and lower materials cost has not been enjoyed by many Kenyan homeowners. The cost of construction with EPS is still high, however, it may be an alternative cheaper construction method over time.

This as more and more people gain the skills in using EPS materials and with the assumption that materials used to manufacture and build the EPS panels become cheaper.

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