Foundation wall

What is a Foundation wall

The foundation wall is a solid wall attached to the footing and rising to ground level at the point where the ground is highest under the building.

Foundation wall

A Foundation wall is a wall that rests on the footers of the foundation and provides support for the weight of a house. Foundation walls are a critical part of the construction of a home with a perimeter foundation design, and they are one of the areas of construction in which it most definitely pays to take the time to do the job right.Foundation wall

It is important to note that  problems with the foundation wall will ultimately lead to problems with the house, up to and including complete structural failure.

Foundation wall

A number of materials can be used to make a foundation wall. Poured concrete is a common and popular choice, with some contractors using modular walls which are actually poured off site and transported to a building site. Blocks, bricks, and stone can also be used.

Foundation Wall
Bricks Foundation Wall

In all cases, the materials must be load bearing, and the wall needs to be designed and built so that the weight will be distributed evenly over the footers of the house.

Foundation Wall Cracks

One of the most common problems with foundation walls is cracking. Foundation cracks can be mild or serious, depending on the location of the crack, the size, and the direction of the crack.Foundation Wall

Cracks can appear because the wall was built in a hurry, backfilled before the concrete had a chance to cure, or not properly reinforced.

Earthquakes and settling of the underlying ground can also result in cracking of the foundation, as can damage caused by impact to the foundation.

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