Gypsum Plaster 25kg Price in Kenya.

What is Gypsum Plaster 25kg Price in Kenya?

The price of gypsum plaster 25kg in Kenya varies depending on the brand and seller. Gyproc filler, a gypsum-based plaster, is available for KES 1,500.00 to KES 1,700.00 per bag.

Gypsum plastering is a widely used building material for decorating internal walls and ceilings. It is a form of plaster that is made from gypsum, a soft mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate.

Gypsum plastering is applied to surfaces using a trowel or spray gun, and it can be used to create even, smooth, and durable finished surfaces. It is a popular choice for interior decoration because it can be easily molded into various shapes and patterns, giving it great versatility.

In addition to providing a decorative finish, gypsum plastering also serves to preserve and protect internal surfaces.

Gypsum plaster is naturally fire-resistant, and it can help to prevent the spread of fire in the event of a blaze. It also has good insulation properties, which can help to regulate the temperature of a room and improve energy efficiency.

Another advantage of gypsum plastering is that it is relatively easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. It is a non-toxic and non-hazardous material, which makes it safe to use in homes and buildings.

Additionally, it can be painted or wallpapered over, making it a popular choice for those who want to change the look of their interior spaces without undergoing major renovations.

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