Biodigester is a decomposition mechanized toilet system which decomposes human excretory waste in the toilet digester tank using specific high graded bacteria further converting it into methane and water, discharged further to the desired surface. The biodigester system consists of an inlet that collects sewage from different points into an outlet that transports it to the soak pit.

How does biodigester work

  • The system has three main parts; a grease interceptor, a biological digester and a soak pit. It also separates waste into grey and black waters.
  • Black water contains solid matter from the toilets while grey matter is one collected from the kitchen, hand wash basins and laundry.
  • After flushing the toilet, the waste matter goes through a pipe system. The black water is then directed to into the bio digester, which uses naturally occurring anaerobic bacteria to treat it by digesting the matter while eliminating the disease-causing organisms(parthogens).

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  • Grey water is a combination of fats, oils, greases, waxes and detergents, which make it chemically unstable and, therefore, not fit for the bio digester. It is, instead, passed through a grease interceptor to get rid of fats, which can be harmful to the environment. After the chemicals have been sieved from the water, it is directed to the soak pit, which allows it to sink through the stones into the ground
  • The faecal matter and other organic matter settle at the bottom of the tank through a sedimentation process and most are digested by the bacteria and converted into water, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and methane The process eliminates carbon dioxide and methane gases, leaving nitrogen-rich water that is released to the environment.

Further treatment of the water however is required to make it fit for domestic use.

  • The methane gas produced can be used for cooking and for other energy needs. However, it has to be generated from big projects, such as schools and hospitals, among others.

The bio digester tank system works well as waste management system for residential homes,commercial buildings,apartments, schools and hospitals.

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