Interlocking Blocks

Interlocking Blocks: Advantages of Interlocking Blocks

Interlocking Blocks

Interlocking blocks are the enhanced form of conventional clay blocks which are compressed and stabilized using machines to contribute to the strength of the structure. Interlocking blocks are walling material made of three inputs namely: sand or soil , cement that provides stability to the blocks and water.

Interlocking Blocks

You will need a compressing machine which is a diesel-hydraulic machine. It can also be manual making blocking machines like Makiga interlocking block machines.

Interlocking Blocks
Makiga Interlocking Block Machine

This machine is able to produce approximately 500 standard size and shaped blocks a day.

Advantages of Interlocking Blocks

1 – Interlocking Blocks Provides  High Stability of Structures

Interlocking blocks provide the retaining wall with stability.  Because of its interlocking nature, it tends to be more stable and can withstand high vibrations earthquakes.

2 – Interlocking Blocks Reduces Construction Cost

Cost is another reason why you would want to use interlocking blocks for your house or perimeter wall. Because you don’t have to use mortar or a lot of it, both the cost of materials will decrease and labour.

Interlocking Bricks

3 – Looks Appealing

The look of interlocking blocks gives the retaining wall a style of its own. It looks more natural when you have the blocks interlocking and can choose which way you want them to go that fits your taste.

4. InterlockingBlocks Require Unskilled / Fewer Labours

In conventional blocks/  bricklaying, skilled labor is required for checking the water level, spirit level, and various other operations like Kobiro.

Interlocking Bricks
Makiga machine

Therefore a layman or unskilled labour may find it difficult to learn the conventional methods of construction. Whereas interlocking bricks construction enables unskilled labour to easily follow up on the construction procedure of making and using the interlocking blocks.Interlocking Blocks

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