Key Features of Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design

If you want a contemporary home with a low price tag, you can start with a 3 bedroom house design.

This style has a total floor area of 80 to 130 square meters, so you can build it on a lot that has a minimum width of 10 meters and a depth of 16.7 meters.

The house is characterized by a hipped roof with long span pre-painted metal type roofing and pale yellow or white walls. The right side of the house also features brick wall accents.

Open floor plan

An open floor plan is the perfect way to make your home feel spacious and modern. A Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design is centered around a central living area, which includes the dining room, kitchen, and lounge.

This design promotes a sense of community among its residents. The open floor plan provides ample space for everyone to sit down and relax.

 With a balcony off the master bedroom, you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee or evening cocktail while looking out at the landscaped garden.

The most popular designs for three bedroom houses are open plans. You can choose between a small and luxurious plan, depending on the needs of your family.

 Three bedroom house plans usually include an open kitchen, a spacious living room, a formal dining area, and a cozy porch. They are also energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, since they have a smaller footprint and use less energy than larger houses.

A low-budget modern 3 bedroom house design can also be an Indian-style home. The Indian design has ample space in every corner. It has a spacious front porch, making it the perfect place for family members to relax after a long day at work.

 Another great design for low-budget homes is the duplex layout. Two units, one with a bedroom and bathroom, can be located on the same level. An open floor plan can be paired with an efficient storage Space.

Walk-In Closet

Considering the benefits of walk-in closets, you might wonder how you can build one in your modern three bedroom house design.

There are many reasons to build a walk-in closet in your home, but the main factor is your budget. If you want a walk-in closet with plenty of storage space, you should plan for a room seven by 7 feet in size, or about 50 square feet.

 A walk-in closet can have shelves on all three walls and a sitting area in the middle. But if you don’t have that much room, you can build a small walk-in closet with just a small opening, perhaps 25 square feet.

You can also create a spacious walk-in closet with a contemporary style, which emphasizes organization and storage.

 This type of closet can be spacious and feature several storage elements, such as hanging shoes and a table mirror.

The shelves are designed to allow more room for clothing, but you can also keep them hidden from view. The walk-in closet is a valuable space that can be used by all members of your family.

For more storage space, you can build a double-sided walk-in closet. You can have the closet on one side of the room, with shelves on the opposite walls.

Depending on how much space you have available, you can build a double-sided walk-in closet with two 24-inch storage spaces on either side of the room.

 These double-sided closets are also larger than the single-sided walk-in. In fact, they are usually between four to six feet wide, and are wide enough for comfortable hanger rods.

Kitchen Island

Many Kenyans are faced with the daunting task of building a home on a limited budget. Thankfully, a low budget modern 3 bedroom house design with Kitchen Island can be an attractive option for your family.

 The house’s open layout makes it easier for parents to monitor their kids while the kitchen island adds an element of modernity to the design. Similarly, non-parents can benefit from a spacious open floor plan for entertaining and family time.

This contemporary three bedroom house plan features stone, metal, and glass accents on the front elevation. The open layout allows plenty of natural light to flood the main living area.

A kitchen island with seating for three adds convenience, while a large corner pantry keeps kitchen clutter to a minimum.

The master suite features a walk-in closet and a luxurious bathroom with separate tub and shower. Two additional bedrooms on the second level share a Jack-and-Jill bath. There’s also a main-floor powder bathroom near the two-car garage.

Snack Bar

This spacious home centers on a well-designed kitchen located near the rear service entrance and laundry room. It features a breakfast bar and a fold-down combination breakfast/snack bar that extends into the family room.

All three bedrooms have en suite bathrooms, and the master bedroom features a private bath and two separate closets. The house’s layout offers plenty of room for storage in the oversized garage.

A distinctive snack bar defines a cozy family room, with a door to the garage and rear activity area. A screen-wall on the front wing creates a sheltered front approach, providing extra privacy for the rear activity area.

 It leads to a comfortable living room and kitchen. This versatile floor plan makes it possible to accommodate a variety of furnishings, from a modest dining table to a stylish wine cellar.

Gable Roof

A gable roof is one of the most popular roofing designs because it is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

Gable roofs are made up of two sloping sides that come together at a peak, creating a triangular shape. This type of roof is easy to construct and is well-suited for a variety of home styles.

One benefit is that gable roofs are very good at shedding water and snow, which can help prolong the life of your roof.

Gable roofs also tend to be very structurally sound, which can give you peace of mind knowing that your home is well-protected. Additionally, gable roofs can add a touch of curb appeal to your home

gable Roof

You can install double-gabled roofs with valleys or dormers. If you want to add dormers to your home, it will be more convenient if you choose a pre-made gable roof plan with dormers . You can also build new dormer roofs to gain extra views from your house.

A gable roof has a triangle shape and often features decorative truss work. These roofs can have steep or shallow pitch, depending on the style you choose for your home.

If you want to add a gable roof to your three bedroom house design, you can create a great look with shingle or metal roofing.

A gable roof plan is an excellent choice for low budget houses. It’s easy to build, so it’s perfect if you’re not experienced in carpentry and construction.

The distinctive gable roof recalls the style of old houses. It’s a versatile form that has been used for centuries and can add charm to your home.

This type of roof is considered a traditional roof and has two vertical sides. The third side is a sloped roof that curves up at the end at about 45 degrees. This is why it’s also called a butterfly shape.

Skillion Roofs

A Skillion roof is a versatile type of roofing system. Unlike a flat roof, this style does not require a connecting structure to the main roof.

This type of roof requires less construction work and is a more environmentally-friendly option. Furthermore, it can be customized according to individual preferences. A Skillion roof provides a wide outer surface and lasts much longer than a traditional flat roof.

While the basic construction process for a skillion roof is quite simple, the costs of a fully functioning roof vary greatly.

These costs depend on several factors, including the type of materials used for the roof, the number of rafters and beams, and the slope. If you are on a low budget, this roof type is an excellent choice.


Skillion roofs are often associated with a more realistic domicile. Their distinct slope makes them appealing to minimalists.

Skillion roofs have a few different identifications, but the Victorian style has the most widespread application.

Skillion roofs are ideal for homes with a minimalist style. And unlike gable or hip roofs, they don’t require clamping, which eliminates the need for an expensive roofing treatment.

Cost of construction

There are many 3 bedroom house designs that are affordable, and this type of plan is no exception. With three bedrooms and a dining room on the main level, this plan has plenty of space for all of your needs. In addition, you’ll have a fully equipped kitchen and exclusive parking space.

 Most modern 3 bedroom house designs have open floor plans, plenty of counter space, and privacy. If you’re considering building a home, it’s wise to lock in pricing early to avoid costly mistakes.

The cost of construction of this house is around KES 2,000,000. The cost of materials, labor, and electrical work can all be done for under KES. 2 Million.

 If you’re considering building this house, be sure to get several quotes from different contractors before settling on a final price.

 Once you’ve found a plan that fits your needs and budget, you’ll need to figure out the cost of construction.

The cost of materials for a low budget modern 3 bedroom house design can vary greatly. Materials are typically about 70% percent of the total cost. An average 1300 square foot home would cost approximately 1,500,000 in materials.

Other costs would include security features, siding,  insulation, drywall, paint, and electrical and plumbing fixtures.

Architect and engineering plus approval fees would add another Ksh. 70,000 to the overall construction cost.

Check the estimated construction cost using the calculator below!


Approximate Project Cost

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