Land Amalgamation Process in Kenya.

What is Land Amalgamation Process in Kenya?

Land amalgamation is a process in Kenya where two or more parcels of land that have separate titles are combined to create a single, larger parcel. This process can be beneficial for landowners who want to create a larger and more valuable piece of land for development or other purposes.

To Carry Out An Amalgamation Of Land In Kenya, The Following Steps Need To Be Followed:

  1. Engage a Registered Physical Planner:

You need to engage a registered physical planner who will be responsible for drafting the amalgamation/subdivision plan/scheme, filling in the P.P.A 1 form, and the planning brief.

  1. Fill in P.P.A 1 form:

The registered physical planner will fill in P.P.A 1 form in triplicate and submit it to the county government for approval.

  1. Submit Amalgamation/Subdivision Scheme:

The planner will also prepare an Amalgamation/Subdivision Scheme in five blueprints and one linen print which will show the plots to be combined. The scheme will then be submitted to the county government for approval.

  1. Submit Planning Brief:

A planning brief will be attached to the Amalgamation/Subdivision Scheme which explains why the amalgamation or subdivision is in line with the policy. The brief should be signed by the registered physical planner.

  1. Provide Ownership Documents:

You will need to provide ownership documents such as the title deed for the plots to be amalgamated.

  1. Submit Comprehensive Location Plan:

A comprehensive location plan will also be required showing the location of the plots to be amalgamated.

  1. Pay Application Fees:

You will need to pay the requisite application fee to the county government and attach the receipt to the planning brief.

  1. Pay Rates Payment Receipts: You will also need to pay rates payment receipts for the plots to be amalgamated.

The above-listed steps are mandatory for amalgamation in Kenya, and they must be followed for the process to be successful.

Professional & Statutory Costs.

The land amalgamation process in Kenya incurs both professional and statutory costs. The costs include:

  1. Application fee: The fee is charged per plot amalgamated or subdivided and varies in different counties in Kenya.
  2. PPA 1 form fee: This fee is a fixed cost of Ksh. 1000 in all counties.
  3. Professional fee: The professional fee depends on the size of the project and the area where the property is located.

It is important to note that the costs involved in the amalgamation process may vary depending on the location and specific details of the project.

Is Amalgamation A Transfer Of Property?

In the context of land ownership, amalgamation refers to the process of combining two or more separate pieces of land with their respective titles into one piece of land with a single title.

Therefore, amalgamation is not a transfer of property ownership, but rather a merger of existing titles into a new title. The individual ownership of the separate pieces of land ceases to exist after amalgamation, and the new title represents the ownership of the combined land.

It is important to note that the amalgamation process must comply with all the legal requirements and regulations governing land ownership in Kenya.

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