Land Registration Act Kenya.

What is Land Registration Act Kenya?

The Land Registration Act of Kenya is a law that provides for the registration of land, and the creation, perfection, and extinction of interests in land.

It outlines the procedures for the registration of land titles, the maintenance of land records, and the rights and obligations of landowners.

The Land Registration Act of Kenya was enacted in 2012 to revise, consolidate, and rationalize the registration of titles to land. The act aims to give effect to the principles and objects of devolved government.

The Registered Land Act of Kenya, which was revised in 2010, also provides for the registration of land and defines the effect of registration. The act provides an administrative framework for land registration.

In addition to the Land Registration Act and the Registered Land Act, there are other laws related to land registration in Kenya. The Government Lands Act provides for the application for lease or license of land required for special purposes.

The Government Lands (Registration) Rules, which were established in 1948, are also related to land registration.

What Is Section 24 Of The Land Registration Act?

Section 24 of the Land Registration Act in Kenya states that registration of a person as the proprietor of land shall confer upon them the legal and beneficial ownership of the land.

It means that once a person is registered as the owner of a piece of land, they have the right to occupy, use, and dispose of the land as they wish.

Section 25 of the Act provides for the rights of a registered proprietor, including the right to lease, mortgage, or transfer the land, subject to any restrictions or conditions imposed by law.

Section 26 of the Act states that a certificate of title issued by the Registrar of Titles is conclusive evidence of ownership and title to the land described in the certificate.

This means that the certificate of title is the ultimate proof of ownership, and any disputes regarding ownership or title to the land must be resolved through legal means.

What Is Land Registration Act 2012 Summary?

The Land Registration Act of 2012 is a law passed by the Parliament of Kenya. Its purpose is to modernize and streamline the process of registering land titles, in accordance with the principles of devolved government.

The Act replaces the old system of land registration with a new, electronic system that is intended to be more efficient and reliable. The Act also includes provisions for resolving disputes related to land ownership and use, and for the protection of the rights of women and other vulnerable groups.

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