M-Kopa Solar Water Pump Price in Kenya.

What Is M-Kopa Solar Water Pump Price in Kenya?

M-Kopa Solar Water Pump is a solar-powered, affordable, and efficient water pump that is designed to help farmers and households access to water for irrigation and domestic use.

The cost of the pump in Kenya varies depending on the size of the pump and the delivery location. The price ranges between Ksh 164,000 to Ksh 214,000, which is inclusive of installation and training on how to use the pump effectively.

However, there are other brands of solar water pumps available in Kenya with prices ranging from Ksh 46,000 to Ksh 85,000 for a 340 W 3,000 L/HR pump, and Ksh 220,000 for a solar water pump.

Farmers who purchase the M-Kopa Solar Water Pump are also provided with after-sales support, including maintenance and repair services. This helps to ensure that the pump operates efficiently and lasts for a long time.

M-Kopa is a Kenyan company that provides pay-as-you-go solar energy solutions to households in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. They offer a range of solar products, including solar home systems, solar TVs, and solar water pumps.

M-Kopa’s solar water pumps are designed to provide affordable irrigation solutions to small-scale farmers in Kenya.

The use of M-Kopa solar water pumps in Kenya has several benefits for smallholder farmers. The Access to Solar Water Pump Project in Laikipia County (A2SPL) accelerates access to appropriate, reliable, and affordable energy sources for local smallholder farmers in this region of Kenya.

Through a market-based approach, the project enhances local distribution and uptake of quality solar-powered water pumps (SWPs) for farming in the county. Smallholder farmers involved in the project are already reaping the benefits of solar water pump technology.

For example, David has adopted solar water pump technology, saving him Ksh 1,400 that he used to spend on a daily basis. Additionally, the 1.25-inch piped solar water pump and the installed drip irrigation kits have enabled him to save on water consumption.

Investing in a solar water pump has several advantages in Kenya.

Firstly, solar water pumps have zero running costs, unlike diesel operating water pumps that require fuel refills to keep working.

Secondly, solar water pumps are low maintenance and require no fuel to run, which means that the value of the investment is recouped quickly even if they might cost more upfront.

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