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About Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd

Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd (MRM) is the largest firm in the Safal Group and was founded in 1962 in Mariakani, Kenya, near Mombasa.

Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd (MRM) was the first business in Africa to create coated steel using a proprietary Aluminium-Zinc alloy, which is acknowledged as the top technology in the world for delivering improved service life to steel.

BIEC International has licensed this technology to the Safal Group under the name ZincAl.

Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd (MRM) has an integrated Coated Steel plant in Mariakani that produces world-class Coated and Painted Coated Steel products from which it builds a variety of prestigious construction solutions in its sites around Kenya.

MRM operates service locations in Nairobi (off Mombasa Road), Kitengela, Thika, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Mombasa, Kisumu, Kisii, Meru, and Nyeri.Customers can get bespoke construction solutions from these centers.

Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd (MRM) also has a large distribution network throughout the country to ensure timely delivery and product availability to the market.

Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd (MRM) provides dependable Building Solutions produced with pride and attention to give excellent client value.

Mabati Rolling Mills Products Catalogue

Residential Roofing Solutions:  Mabati Rolling Mills Ltd (MRM) residential building solutions include:

1. MRM Versatile

Versatile is a premium steel tile roofing sheet that has the appearance of a traditional roof tile but has a considerably longer life expectancy.

Versatile sheets are roofing products that have the appearance of traditional roof tiles but are more cost-effective. They provide a luxurious look and a great value for the money invested.

It is Kenya’s longest-running painted steel tile company, and it has established a history of inexpensive beauty for thousands of product consumers.

A Versatile Roof will deliver unrivaled beauty, durability, and cost-effectiveness. It is the market leader in steel tile roofing sheets among homes nationwide, owing to its beauty and durability.

They offer both a gloss and a textured finish.

2. MRM Orientile

Orientile is MRM’s strongest steel roofing product that is used in high-quality houses. This product is a resilient material with an appealing appearance of a slate roof. The strength of the sheet ensures that your home will last very long.

Orientile blends the unique appearance of the Orient with the most comprehensive covering for affordability and utility.

The design exemplifies elegance and distinction. A highly popular contemporary option Orientile is a visually appealing steel sheeting profile that has the appearance of an exotic tile finish.

3. MRM Zentile

Zentile is MRM’s main steel roofing product for residential applications. It has an attractive appearance and can withstand heavy rains. Zentile is made in various sizes, and gauge

Zentile is the ultimate expression of harmony and beauty in a painted steel tile, referring to the peaceful grandeur of ocean waves in a stunning roof finish.

Zentile is a steel tile roofing sheet with a robust and water-resistant surface that has a modern appearance.

Zentile is quickly becoming a popular choice for both designers and homeowners. The wave-like form promotes serenity, harmony, and well-being while allowing for the unfettered expression of one’s creativity.

4. MRM Lifestile Shingle Tile

Lifestile Tiles are manufactured with the highest quality ceramic coated stone chips that resist fading and ultraviolet penetration and are sealed onto high-grade aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel.

This unique polymer coating completes a look that will last for generations.

Lifestile tiles are a cost-effective stone-coated roofing product that delivers elegance and strength. It offers the appeal of a clay tile shingle and has a longer life expectancy than clay shingles.

The MRM Lifestile Roofing System is made up of many layers of materials that are pressed into various profiles and then coated with our proprietary polymer coating. Stone chips with a ceramic coating that resists fading and UV damage.

Lifestile roofing products are lightweight while being very durable and problems free.

5. MRM Dumuzas

MRM Dumuzas is an affordable steel roofing product that makes your home look like a luxury home but at a fraction of the cost. This product is long-lasting with affordable maintenance costs because it does not require painting.

DUMUZAS is a coated steel product that has demonstrated exceptional performance as a construction material in a variety of situations.

It has a steel core for strength and is covered by a double coat – the first is a metal coating of an alloy called ZINCAl that protects the steel from corrosion, and the second is a Thin Organic Coat that protects it from scratches.

It also has a high heat reflectance, which improves indoor comfort.

MRM Dumuzas s suitable for a wide range of applications, including roofs, walls, and interiors

6. MRM Resincot

Resincot is a one-of-a-kind brand that delivers a 55% Aluminum-Zinc protective alloy coating on a carbon steel basis that is pre-painted in a controlled manufacturing environment.

The resin that is mixed with the steel core of this sheet creates a highly durable roof that resists cracking, peeling, and deterioration for many years.

It offers endurance and comes in over 16 distinct colors, making it the natural choice for architects and designers that value class and beauty.

The aluminum-zinc-coated foundation has a very long life.

Resincotile sheets are used in properties such as homes, offices, warehouses, factories, and other structures. These include:

7. MRM CoverMax

CoverMax is a box profile product of MRM, and it offers all the benefits of modern roofing materials with the longevity and durability of steel.

CoverMax is made from an aluminium zinc alloy that offers superior protection from corrosion and comes in a range of colors. The product has been used in a wide range of residential applications.

They are appropriate for both residential and light industrial or commercial uses.

8. MRM Dumurangi

Dumurangi is a new innovative brand created by Mabati Rolling Mills that combines the benefits of durability and beauty at a low cost. With a

a contemporary state-of-the-art facility that pre-paints the aluminum-zinc coated steel in order to achieve the required color aesthetics and lifespan.

It comes in four different colors: Bahari blue, Maasai red, Karura green, and Jacaranda purple. Gauge 30, Normal Corrugation in standard lengths of 2 meters, 2.5 meters, and 3 meters.

 9. MRM Max cover

Max cover 1015 is a box profile roofing sheet from MRM’s portfolio of high-quality products that features a protective alloy covering of aluminum and zinc on a carbon steel basis that is pre-painted in a controlled production environment.

It provides consumers with the benefit of a box profile with an effective cover width of 1015mm, making it a more cost-efficient sheet for budget-conscious applications. Max cover is excellent for home, light industrial, or commercial use.

Benefits include; 

  • Has a 1015 mm effective cover width.
  • Available in gauges 28-30, with all necessary attachments.
  • A wide selection of colors to pick from (over 16+)
  • They are visually attractive.
  • It has an anti-capillary groove to keep leaks at bay.

10.  MRM Minicorr

Minicorr corrugated is a sinusoidal shape that is appropriate for both exterior and interior applications and is typically used for wall cladding.

This corrugated profile is an attractive aesthetic element that is also functional and ornamental in any house or workplace, whether it is used on the ceiling or as walling.

For a distinct design appearance and feel, it may be placed flat or curved. It can run vertically or horizontally for a contrasting and unique element.

11. MRM Elegantile

Elegantile is a visually appealing, classy, and long-lasting profile. The design is sleek, with clean lines that give it a very stylish appearance. Its Mediterranean ancestry makes it an excellent match for this tropical environment.

Elegantile blends a regal Romanesque castle style with the beautiful curves of a grounded tile shape.

Elegantile blends a regal Romanesque castle style with the beautiful curves of a grounded tile shape. They offer both a gloss and a textured finish.

MRM Industrial and Commercial Roofing Solutions

MRM offers a wide range of roofing solutions for Industrial and Commercial Roofing applications to suit any requirement and budget.

MRM is a major supplier of roofing and wall cladding in East Africa.

MRM’s customers come from both public and private sectors, for projects ranging in size from single dwellings to multi-million-shillings developments.

The company is well placed to offer tailored solutions, derived from over 60 years of experience in delivering East Africas most prestigious projects.

Some Industrial and commercial products include;

  •  IT-5 Tekdek
  • Trimflute
  • Saflok 700
  • Newlok 410
  • Safdeck

MRM Trussing

MRM Ultra Span

Ultra Span is MRM’s brand of pre-engineered, cold-formed steel roof trusses made of high tensile ZincAl steel with thicknesses ranging from 0.5mm to 2.0mm.

It is a highly developed solution that is simple to install and assemble on-site. It is robust, long-lasting, low-cost, and structurally sound.

The system’s design and details are carried out utilizing software that has been created and patented. Residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial uses are all possible.

MRM SAFBUILD ( Pre-Engineered Building Solutions)

MRM SAFBUILD structures are world-class prefabricated cold-formed steel structures that are readily built on-site.

These pre-engineered steel structures are provided as a full solution that is simple to install on-site, lowering overall construction costs and project length from procurement to completion.

MRM uses optimum high-tensile galvanized steel to ensure longevity and maximum strength

SAFBUILD is ideal for warehousing, manufacturing sheds, parking sheds, market sheds, horticultural and agri-processing buildings, institutional buildings, workshops, worship centers, and almost any other type of non-residential commercial, industrial, or institutional structure.

MRM SAFBUILD  Advantages

  • A guaranteed process with improved quality control and with customized supply means less waste.
  • Design flexibility with greater spans, fewer supports, and smaller portions.
  • Lightweight, therefore, reduced transportation and equipment needs Lightweight and ductile – safer in earthquakes
  • Quick and simple construction and the structure is easily relocatable.
  • Environmental safety with green construction – 100 percent steel
  • Low thermal mass components are energy efficient.

SADBUILD Applications

  • Warehouses
  • Industries
  • Schools
  •  Agri-buildings
  • Chicken Sheds
  • Churches

MRM Flashings

MRM Flashings and Closures

Flashings and closures are designed for specific purposes and roof locations, with modifications to fit the exact profile being utilized.

Industrial and commercial flashings are often practical rather than aesthetically pleasing, and we provide a variety of conventional flashings that are suited for this purpose.

Residential flashings, on the other hand, typically serve a vital aesthetic function, necessitating that they are tailored for the specific structure.

MRM can manufacture the majority of custom-designed flashings for residential and other purposes. For color matching, flashings are often made of the same material as the roof.

MRM flashings are available in two materials: aluminum-zinc coated steel and aluminum.

MRM Ventilation

Ventilators and Louvres

MRM provides permanent louvres, as opposed to adjustable louvres, that are made of pre-painted Aluminium-Zinc coated Steel or Aluminium to match the roofing and cladding material of the structure, giving great performance, increased corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

MRM provides fixed louvres in conventional sizes as well as bespoke sizes to meet the demands of the client.

Louvres are commonly used in buildings as natural ventilation systems, but they are also used as visual screens, obstacles, and sun-shading.

Natural ventilation is essential for the exchange of air from a building to the outside and air circulation within the building, providing fresh air to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide and other air-borne pollutants such as dust, smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Ventilation also helps to regulate indoor temperature while keeping out undesirable factors such as rain, wind, and vermin.

Louvres are an essential component of today’s green design since they reduce mechanical ventilation operations, which use energy and emit pollutants.

MRM Accessories

MRM also provide accessories like;

  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Fixtite Fasteners
  • Saftherm
  • Polycarbonate Sheets
  • Solar Clamps and Brackets
  • Foam Fillers
  • Butyl Tape

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