Machine cut stones

Machine Cut stones: Advantages of Machine Cut Stones

Machine cut stones as the name implies, are mined using stone cutting machine and are usually cut into 3 major length-wise sizes, that is, 9inch, 6inch, and 4inch.

In Nairobi, the best machine-cut stones are found in Juja, Ndarugu on Thika Road.

Machine cut stones

Machine Cut Stones Prices

The stone price at the quarry varies with the quality of stone but can go for as low as 15 shillings each. A grade one machine cut average cost Ksh.24-30 each for 6*9 and 9*9.

What makes the price high is transportation. If you have a truck, you can get them to the site cheaper.

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Advantages of Machine Cut Stones.

  • Use Less Mortar: The stones well shaped with even surface hence, a small amount of mortar is used to bond the stones. There is even a bigger saving when plastering.Less mortar is used compared to manually cut stones, because you don’t need to fill in the uneven gaps on stones with mortar.
  • Less Labour Cost:It is fast to build with machine cut stones, meaning the mason builds a larger area in a day; hence, you save on labor cost. Same labour benefits are there when plastering the wall.
  • Neat: The wall build with machine cut stones is neat.
  • No Stone Dressing:They don’t need stone dressing hence you save on the cost of carting away
  • Machine Cut Stones
    Machine Cut Stones- 9*6

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Quality of the Machine Cut Stones

Before making an order for stones, you need to get the services of an experienced person/fundi to help you check the quality of the machine cut.

Experienced fundi can easily identify or recognize a strong stone from a weak stone.This is important because poor quality compromises the structural strength of your home.

Another easier way is to lift the stone to shoulder height and drop it against another stone. If it crashes, then it is weak.

The disadvantage of this method is that some porous stones will not break when dropped against other stones but when rained on, they sip in water into the house and get weak over time when exposed to rain.

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