MRM Dumuzas Mabati Prices in Kenya

What Are MRM Dumuzas Mabati Prices in Kenya?

Dumuzas mabati is a type of roofing sheet made from galvanized steel or aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel. It is commonly used in Kenya for residential and commercial buildings due to its affordability, durability, and ease of installation.

The price of Dumuzas mabati in Kenya ranges between KES 300 to KES 400 per metre depending on the thickness (Gauge) of the sheet. The most common thicknesses are 30G and 32G, with prices of KES 394.40 per metre and KES 330.60 per meter respectively.

Delivery services such as Copia Kenya offer free delivery to Mashinani or City Outskirts within two to four days for orders of Dumu Zas Mabati 3m 30G.

Additionally, offers Dumuzas 32G Unpainted at KES 330.60m, Dumuzas 30G Unpainted at KES 394.40m, Dumuzas 32G Standard Ridge at KES 197.20piece, and Dumuzas 32G Standard Valley at KES 197.20piece.

Dumuzaz is a brand known for revolutionizing the roofing and walling industry with their high tensile steel products.

Their innovative products are made with a protective metal coating that includes 55% Aluminium, 43% Zinc, and 1.6% Silicon. This coating gives the products an extremely long lifespan, making them a durable and reliable choice for consumers.

Recently, Dumuzaz has introduced a new product, the New DumuZas, which comes with a thin organic coating (TOC). This new feature increases the product’s durability and provides it with a beautiful silver finish.

The New DumuZas has a corrugated profile with 11 ribs and a pitch (distance between ribs) of 76.2mm. It is designed mainly for domestic applications in roofing and walling and comes with matching accessories for a complete roofing solution.

Some of the features and benefits of Dumuzaz’s products include lasting longer than zinc galvanized products with the same coated thickness, providing up to 4 degrees cooler interiors, having a shiny and beautiful silver finish, and being very easy to install. T

hese qualities make Dumuzaz products a popular choice among consumers looking for reliable and long-lasting roofing and walling solutions.

The Normal Corrugation 110 (NC 110) is a type of sinusoidal profile that is commonly used for roofing and walling in domestic applications.

It is named after its 11 corrugations and a pitch, which is the distance between any two crests, of approximately 76 millimeters, with a tolerance of plus or minus 2 millimeters. This profile is the oldest and most commonly used of all profiles for roofing and walling applications.

The spacing of purlins, which are horizontal support beams used for roofing and walling, depends on both downward loading and negative suction loading caused by wind.

To determine the appropriate purlin spacing for your specific application, it is recommended that you consult with an engineer who can calculate the load [kN/m²].

To fix the NC 110 sheets, lay each run of sheets from side to side before moving onto the next run. This procedure is also applicable for wall cladding.

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