MRM Elegantile Mabati Prices in Kenya

What Are MRM Elegantile Mabati Prices in Kenya?

Elegantile Mabati is a premium roofing profile from Mabati Rolling Mills that gives the look of tiles. It is available in either unpainted Aluminum-Zinc Coated Steel (Dumu) or pre-painted (Resincot) sheets.

The cost of Elegantile Mabati roofing sheet (Gauge 28) goes for approximately KES 1,200 per meter. However, prices may vary depending on the location and supplier.

Elegantile is a profile that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable, with a smooth shape and clean lines that give it a chic finish. Its Mediterranean heritage makes it a good fit for tropical climates.

The Elegantile Mabati has many features and benefits, including a continuous length profile that increases visual uniformity and reduces the chance of leakage.

It is also lightweight, making it safer to lift and install while enabling the supporting structure to be less bulky and costly. Additionally, no underlays are needed, and the roofing can be completed rapidly due to the large panel size.

The roofing sheets are fixed securely to the roof structure, and the world-class patented coating technology ensures quality. Each sheet is inspected over six times before dispatch, and the product is engineered to prevent leakage by capillary action.

Elegantile combines an aesthetic from the royal Romanesque palaces with the graceful curves of a grounded tile form.

The specifications of the Elegantile Mabati include an overall width of 1,128mm +/- 5mm and an effective cover width of 1,050mm +/- 5mm. The length per square meter is 952mm.

The base material is made of ZINCAL© coils that use world-class patented metal coating technology. The paint systems include Color Plus Textured and optima, and the finish can be either glossy or textured. The thickness ranges from 0.32mm to 0.6mm (+/- 10%).

Elegantile can be rolled in soft material only – G330. The input coil width is 1220mm, and the profiled sheet width (overall width) is 1128mm.

The rib to rib width (i.e. pitch) is 210mm, and the depth of each tile (step to step) is 300mm. The effective cover width is 1050mm, and the recommended purlin spacing is 600mm.

Elegantile can be used on a roof pitched from a minimum roof pitch of 22.5 degrees.

Battens/purlins should be spaced at 300mm on both ridge and eave (i.e. at every tile step), and at maximum 600mm (i.e. at every second tile step) internal spans, although battens at every step will be stronger.

It is important to note that during installation, the roof should be cleaned daily by removing all swarf, pop rivets, unused fasteners, or any other debris.

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