MRM Lifestile Shingle Mabati Prices in Kenya

What Are MRM Lifestile Shingle Mabati Prices in Kenya

Lifestile Shingle Mabati is a stone-coated steel roofing tile that has a classic Italian-style design. It is produced by Mabati Rolling Mills, the top steel solution provider in Kenya for roofing sheets.

The cost of Lifestile Shingle Mabati in Kenya generally ranges from KES 900 to KES 1,500 per piece, although prices may vary depending on the supplier and location.

Lifestile Shingle adds timeless elegance to your home with its old-world Italian design. It comes in a variety of colors including Blue, Capri Blue, Steel grey, Charcoal, Chocolate, Dark Grey, Kahawa, Midnight Blue, Forest green, Rose garnet, Spanish Red, Steel Grey, and Terracotta.

Features and benefits of Lifestile Shingle include being fireproof and non-combustible, providing protection from airborne fires, and withstanding prolonged exposure to winds up to 233 kph despite being lightweight.

Lifestile roofs are eight times lighter than clay or concrete tiles, making them easier and cheaper to construct. Lifestile roofing also has a premium finish and design to satisfy even the most discerning homeowners.

Lifestile Shingle specifications include a panel size of 1,350 X 420 mm, installed exposure of 1,330 mm X 370 mm, length of cover of 1,330 mm, width of cover of 370 mm, panels/M2 of 2.03 PCs, tile area of 0.4921 m2, and weight/M2 of 5.69 kg/m2.

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