What Are MRM Versatile Mabati Prices in Kenya?

About MRM Versatile Mabati

Versatile Mabati is a type of steel tile roofing sheet that has a classic tile look but with a much longer lifespan. It is made by Mabati Rolling Mills (MRM) and is of premium quality, designed to provide unmatched beauty, durability, and cost-efficiency.

The roofing sheets are available in both gloss and textured finish, and in a range of colors, including Maroon, Tile Red, Brick Red, Charcoal, and Chocolate.

The sheets have an aluminum-zinc base, which increases their corrosion resistance, making them last twice as long as ordinary color-coated roofing sheets.

Versatile Mabati is customizable in terms of length, which minimizes wastage and reduces the chances of leakage due to fewer joints.

  • Thickness: 28 Gauge (0.32mm), 30 Gauge (0.25mm)
  • Width: 1016mm Overall Width: 1072mm
  • Length: Customizable to customer requirements
  • Material: Aluminum-Zinc coated steel
  • Paint Type: Polyester
  • Warranty: 5-15 years fade free warranty on paint depending on color

MRM Versatile Mabati Prices in Kenya

The cost of MRM Versatile Mabati in Kenya ranges from KSh 1100 per meter KSh 1,350 per meter.

The actual cost may differ depending on the specific texture, color, supplier, and location. It is important to note that the cost of installation and other additional expenses may also apply when purchasing and installing MRM Versatile Mabati.

It is advisable to compare prices from different suppliers and seek professional advice before making a purchase to ensure you get the best deal.

Other Mabati Rolling Mills’ iron sheets brands include Galsheet Resincot (Gauge 30) goes for KSh 696 per meter, with similar gauge unpainted Dumuzas going for KSh 475 per meter.

The company’s Elegantile roofing sheet (Gauge 28) goes for KSh 1,200 per meter, with a similar gauge of Versatile and Orientile roofing sheets going for KSh 1,100 and KSh 1,300 per meter.

These prices vary with the supplier or distributor.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Superior corrosion resistance: MRM Versatile Mabati is made of an aluminum-zinc base that makes it highly resistant to corrosion. Compared to ordinary colour coated roofing sheets, this steel tile roofing sheet lasts two times longer without succumbing to rust or damage from environmental factors.
  2. Long-lasting beauty: The high-quality paint-systems used on the MRM Versatile Mabati provides fade-free warranties ranging from 5 to 15 years. This, combined with the durability of the roofing sheet, results in a roof that maintains its beauty and functionality for a long time.
  3. Customizable: MRM Versatile Mabati is customizable in a range of colours. This allows you to select the color that best suits your preferences or blends in with your surroundings.
  4. Tailor-made lengths: MRM Versatile Mabati is tailor-made to customer requirements. This ensures that there are fewer joints, hence minimal chances of leakage. Additionally, it saves on costs as there is less wastage.
  5. Accessories: MRM Versatile Mabati is available with matching accessories that offer a complete roofing solution that is in complete harmony with itself. You can update your roofing system by adding on MRM Versatile Mabati accessories such as gutters, ridges, and flashings.
  6. Economical: MRM Versatile Mabati is economical, as it requires less wastage during installation. Additionally, the minimal chances of leakage reduce the need for constant repairs, resulting in cost savings over time.

Overall, MRM Versatile Mabati is a high-quality steel tile roofing sheet that provides unmatched beauty, durability, and cost efficiency.


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