Plinth Area

Plinth Area, Carpet Area and Super Built Area

What is the Plinth Area of a Building?

The plinth area is the covered built-up area measured at the floor level of any storey or at the floor level of the basement. The plinth area is also called a built-up area and is the entire area occupied by the building including internal and external walls.Plinth Area

How to Calculate Plinth Area

The plinth is the total build-up covered area that is measured at the floor level of any basement. It is measured by taking the external dimension of the building at the floor level. It is also called a build-up area.

plinth area

Plinth Area Includes the Following

  •  The total carpet area.
  •  Area of walls at the floor level which includes the wall area in common that separates the two buildings, internal and external walls for plumbing, sanitary, electrical etc
  • Staircase  and  elevators areaplinth area

Wall Area in the Plinth Area Space

The plinth area includes all the wall areas. The Wall area is the area on plan occupied by walls on any particular floor. It includes the thickness of any finishing on the walls.

Carpet Area; Measurement of the Carpet Area of a Building

Carpet area the covered area of the usable spaces of rooms on any floor. It is measured between walls to walls within the building and is the sum of the actual areas of the rooms where you can carpet.

It is the area which can be covered by a carpet. It is the wall to wall distance which makes for the net usable floor area of the house.

carpet area

The carpet area is the area that can be used to spread a carpet inside the house. It is the net usable area of the apartment. It includes the thickness of the internal wall but excludes the balcony or terrace. Technically, the distance between inner walls is carpet area

What is the Super Built Area?

Super built-up area can be defined as the total area covered by the building (built-up area) plus common areas like parking, gardens, children playgrounds, swimming pool area, external gym, & gazebo house.

The Super built area plus carpet area and built-up area is summarized below

Carpet Area, Built-up Area and Super Built-Up Area Summary Table

Carpet Area
Built-up / Plinth Area
Super Builtup Area
Living Room
Dining Area/Room
Study Room
Home Library
Kitchen Area
Utility Areas
Shafts/ Ducts
Wall thickness
Staircase Area
Veranda Area
Swimming Pool
Eternal Gym
Club House
Other Amenities

Saleable Area 

What is Saleable Area?

Saleable Area  can be defined as the floor area of the residential houses  and includes the floor area of a balcony, a utility platform and a verandah, but it  excludes the bay window area, area of an air-conditioning plant room, a flat roof, a garden, a cockloft,   a parking space, a roof, a stairhood, a yard and a terrace and

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