Poured Concrete

What is Poured Concrete?

 Poured concrete, as the name suggests, is concrete poured into molds or forms made to the design specifications, like the width, depth, and height. Poured concrete is basically concrete material that is poured, molded, and cured on site.

The alternative to poured on site concrete is precast concrete, and each method has its advantages. Poured-in-place concrete (or sometimes called cast-in-place concrete) is a type of building material poured into forms where it will set, be finished, and remain almost permanently.

Poured concrete is onsite is a common practice in trenchless construction.
Reinforcing steel is required for the poured concrete foundations method to ensure that walls to resist the horizontal forces of wet soil.

Another critical point to remember is that foundation walls buried in the ground are nothing more than retaining walls. They stop the soil from cascading into your basement.

.Modern poured concrete foundation forms have revolutionized foundation construction. Poured on site concrete is also known as in-situ concrete or cast-in-place concrete.

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