Royal Mabati Box Profile Matte Price In Kenya.

What Are Royal Mabati Box Profile Matte Price In Kenya?

Royal Mabati Box Profile Matte is a type of roofing material manufactured by Royal Mabati Factory Ltd in Kenya. The company offers a range of roofing profiles, including Roman longtile, Box, Bricktile, Corrugated, Eurotile Profile and Commercial IT 5.

The price range for Royal Mabati Box Profile Matte in Kenya varies depending on the supplier. According to, Boma Mabati Factory Ltd sells its Boma Corrugated G30 Matte at Ksh 600 to Ksh 650 per meter while Boma Tile Charcoal Gray G28 and Boma Vass Charcoal Gray G28 are sold at Ksh 730 to Ksh 770 per meter.

The Box Profile Matte is designed to be both durable and beautiful. It has a matte finish that gives it an elegant look. The roofing material is made from high-quality steel that is coated with an alloy of aluminum and zinc to protect it from rust and corrosion.

Payments on monthly installments are acceptable at Royal Mabati Factory Ltd. However, it is important to note that some blogs may offer fraudulent prices for mabati sheets in Kenya.

In case of any doubts or inquiries about the prices of Royal Mabati Box Profile Matte or other types of roofing sheets offered by Royal Mabati Factory Ltd., one can visit their offices located at Mombasa Road, Mlolongo Opposite Sabaki Stage or call/SMS/WhatsApp.

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