Royal Mabati Euro Tile Matte Prices In Kenya.

What Are Royal Mabati Euro Tile Matte Prices In Kenya?

Royal Mabati Euro Tile Matte has the strength of steel and looks like tiles, making it an affordable alternative to tiles. The versatile mabati is available from KSH 700 to KSH 800 per meter.

Royal Mabati Euro Tile Matte is a type of iron sheet that is designed to give houses the tile look without spending beyond the budget. It has a matte finish with a rough texture and comes in unique designs.

Royal Mabati Factory Ltd is one of the best manufacturers of mabati in Kenya. They offer free delivery countrywide and fade-free warranty. Royal Mabati Factory Ltd also offers integration of all engineering processes including engineering design with cold-formed light gauge steel.

This involves fully automated software that suits all types of developments such as residential, institutional, commercial & industrial.

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