Royal Mabati Zee Tile Matte Prices In Kenya

What Are Royal Mabati Zee Tile Matte Prices In Kenya?

The price range depends on the thickness and length of the roofing sheets, as well as the location of the supplier. On average, the cost per meter ranges from Kshs. 600 to Kshs. 700 for gauge 30 and Kshs. 700 to Kshs. 800 for gauge 28.

In Kenya, one of the most popular roofing materials is the Royal Mabati Zee tile matte. This roofing material is a preferred option for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

In terms of price range, Royal Mabati Zee tile matte is an affordable roofing material compared to other options such as clay tiles and concrete roofing.

Royal Mabati Zee tile matte is a type of steel roofing that comes with a unique tile profile design that resembles a ‘Z’ shape. This design feature enhances the aesthetic value of the building, making it more appealing.

The tile matte design also offers better protection against leakages, thanks to its interlocking mechanism that creates a water-tight seal.

One of the advantages of using Royal Mabati Zee tile matte is its durability. The roofing material is made of high-quality steel that is coated with a special alloy that makes it resistant to rust and corrosion.

It can withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, strong winds, and extreme temperatures.

Another advantage is its ease of installation. Royal Mabati Zee tile matte comes in standard sizes, making it easy to transport and install. The roofing material is also lightweight, reducing the overall weight of the building and the structural load on the foundation.

Royal Mabati Zee tile matte is a popular roofing material in Kenya that offers a unique tile profile design, durability, and ease of installation. Its affordable price range makes it a preferred option for both residential and commercial buildings.

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