Samsung 4E Error Code Dishwasher & How do I fix 4E error on Samsung Dishwasher

Samsung 4E Error Code Dishwasher

Dishwashers are great appliances! They help make the chore of washing dishes a little easier and when you have more than one, as many households do, they can help make that task fill up a little quicker.

Sometimes, though, a dishwasher will have a problem and not work correctly. One example of this is a problem called Samsung 4E error code dishwasher.

Samsung 4E Error Code Dishwasher

How to Fix a 4E or 4C Error Code in a Washing Machine The 4E (4C) error number indicates that the washing machine has detected a water supply problem. A clogged or kinked water supply hose is the most prevalent cause of this problem.

How do I fix 4E error on my Samsung dishwasher?

Check the water supply to ensure that the valve is working properly. Measure the pressure because a low number may result in the error code 4E.

Turn off the appliance and double-check that the supply valves are open. In case of emergency, turn them clockwise and then counter-clockwise out.

As a summary, Follow the below troubleshooting steps to resolve it:

Check the water hose: A water supply problem is frequently caused by low water pressure or a low flow rate on the machine’s mains water supply. This indicates that the water entering the machine is not flowing with sufficient force. The water pressure should be between 0.5 and 8 bar.

  • Fully power off your washing machine at the mains.
  • Move the machine forward to give access to the water hoses.
  • Check that there are no kinks or bends in the water hose connected to the machine.

Check the water supply:  Check that the water tap connected to the washing machine is open to full.

Clean the water hose mesh filter: Clean the water hose mesh filter at least twice a year to prevent build up.

Clean the dispenser drawer: Occasionally, a 4C check code error message may be displayed if there is a blockage in the dispenser drawer. Follow the steps in our step-by-step guide to clean the detergent drawer.

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