What Causes Samsung Dishwasher LE Error & How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher LE Error

Samsung Dishwasher LE Error

LC, LE (Leakage Error) is a leak fault.  Moisture is detected by the dishwasher’s leak sensor, or the water reflector is obstructed (Waterwall models only). When this code is encountered, the dishwasher will turn on and will not turn off. During this period, it will make an attempt to drain the water.

If you notice a leak, consult our Dishwasher leaks water guide for troubleshooting.

If you are positive there is no leak, some water may have splashed near the sensor if you recently moved the dishwasher. Allow time for it to dry. If the dishwasher’s loudness concerns you, unplug it or turn it off at the circuit breaker.

Make sure the garbage disposal cap is removed if you newly connected the dishwasher to a garbage disposal.

Check that the detergent dispenser has not been overfilled and that there is no additional detergent outside of the dispenser.

How to Clear the Error Code LE on a Samsung Dishwasher?

Possible causes of Error Code LE on a Samsung Dishwasher include:

  1. The hose connecting the dispenser to the tub is not properly connected.
  2. When the airline is detached, water begins to leak during the drying process.
  3. The tank has been harmed at the transit bolts.
  4. Suds arise as a result of using too much detergent.
  5. The drain filter cap is not correctly attached.
  6. The heating element has come loose from its mountings, damaging/disconnecting the hose.
  7. The drain hose has a leak.
  8. Gasket washers that have been damaged.
  9. The diaphragm is reversed, or the rubber seal is obstructing the flow.
  10. The bolts that hold the tank and the front panel together are not properly positioned.

How to Clear the Error Code LE on a Samsung Dishwasher?

When it displays on the scoreboard, the equipment is protected and ceases working. Close the shut-off valve, unplug the machine for 5–10 minutes, and then resume it. Sometimes that is all that is required to fix a situation.

If this measure does not work, search for other causes. Extraneous elements can contribute to failure.

Ensure that no moisture enters the casing from the outside (you were flooded by neighbors, a pipe break occurred, you accidentally spilled something).

Check that the drain hose is properly connected. When it is positioned incorrectly, some of the water from the sink enters it.

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