Steel Truss Details

Steel Truss Details & Installation

Steel Truss Details

Installing a roof for your house is a huge choice. The most common type of roof designs in Kenya are flat roofs, gable roofs, sloping roofs and mansard roofs. Flat roofs are the most common roof type to cover warehouses, office buildings and residential and commercial buildings.

steel truss details

Here we see on steel roof trusses installation;

Steel Roof Trusses Installation Process

  • Marking layout

All locations to be marked as per the approved drawing and the distance between truss/column and level to be ensure also as per the drawing.

  • Platform preparation for truss assembly

This should be prepared with level and measurements as per given drawing to join the truss as one unit. It should be in crane reachable area.

  • Truss assembly

Measurements to be confirmed before assembly, maintain the level and measurements over the platform, then tack and weld all the joints and the confirm the straightness and dimensions.

  • Painting of assembled truss

Clean the welded parts to ensure no oil or grease particles are left behind. Apply paint as per procedure and recheck before erection of the assembled truss.

  • Column installation

Lift the assembled truss using a crane with suitable lifting belts, lift it through the crane and place it at the actual fixing a full weld at connections and recheck for correct alignment.

  • Bracing installation

Mark all the bracing locations as per the drawing. Complete the tack welds and do a touch up paint at the welded areas.

Steel Truss Details

Advantages and disadvantages of metal roof trusses

The metal roof truss has its advantages and disadvantages and will also greatly depend on the needs of the builder and if residential, the preferences of the homeowners.


  • Even though they are considered to be more expensive, metal roof trusses can span further than timber.
  • Metal roof trusses can be manufactured to exact standards.
  • They are much more lightweight and this allows for larger shipments. This reduces the time it takes to get to the project site.
  • Metal roof trusses are fire resistant.
  • They are compatible with almost all types of roofing systems.
  • No insect infestations can occur.
  • Chemical treatments are not necessary to maintain the trusses.
  • Metal roof trusses are recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.


The disadvantages of metal roof trusses are as follows:

  • Skilled labor is required to install metal roof trusses.
  • They are not energy efficient since they allow more heat to escape from the structure.
  • Metal roof trusses allow sound to be more easily transmitted.
  • Temperature fluctuations allow them to move more.
  • When the metal is cut, drilled, scratched or welded, rust can become a problem.
  • The workers have a higher risk of electrocution when installing the metal roof trusses.
  • Wires that are on the trusses can rub over time creating a hazard to anyone who happens to touch the metal truss.

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