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Lateral Ties | Stirrups in Column and Beams |Why Stirrups in Beams and Columns

What are Stirrups?

Stirrup  also called Lateral Ties are typically a shear reinforcement tiered around the longitudinal bars in Beams  and Columns. There are may different shapes of stirrups are used in civil structural construction and these stirrup have different parts

Why Stirrups in Beams and Columns

The stirrups used are typically constituted of square metal bars wrapped around the pinnacle and backside bars of the beams. Stirrups assist in holding in one reinforcement bars to another. The primary purpose of stirrups is essential to prevent the columns and beams from buckling.

Stirrups are so often positioned diagonally and often vertically as well. It is done to avoid shear failure that’s commonly diagonal in case of cracks in beams. The number one reason for the diagonal shear is compression and anxiety resulting from transverse and vertical pressure. Eventually, diagonal tension can happen, considering that concrete is more robust in compression compared to tension.


The spacing of the stirrup along the beam is crucial and has to be specified through the design. Stirrups are typically positioned in locations wherein there are high probabilities of shearing, for example, beneath large load and bearing points.

Concrete is made sturdy by way of running bars of metal thru them. However, stirrups are used to maintain everything in a straight line. Stirrups help keep order and add strength to the structure at critical points of likely vulnerability over the years.

Steel rebars are stronger than stirrups. However, stirrups are frequently used alongside rebars. While the rebar acts as the concrete’s bones, the stirrups support the rebar to remain straight and offer enhanced backing to the column of concrete.

Stirrups help provide the needed resistance. When the stress from above comes down on the column, the stirrups act like tendons. They assist the rebar and concrete in providing sustainable aid for the extreme amount of weight.


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