What Structural Design is and Objectives of Structural Design?

What is Structural Design?

Structural design can be defined as a systematic investigation of the strength, stability, and rigidity of structural elements or structure to safely carry the projected load. We can also define structural design as the process of proportioning the structure to safely resist the applied forces and load effects in the most resource-effective and friendly manner. 

We can estimate the required reinforcement, grade, size, or grade of structural members with the structural design application to withstand or support the internal forces calculated/estimated from the structural analysis.

Structural design is a sub-division of Civil Engineering. Trained Structural engineers can design the structural elements accurately and supervise during construction to ensure the structural design’s proper implementation. 

construction drawings

Objectives of Structural Design

  • Produce a structure which can resist all applied loads without failure during its service life
  • Obtain the economic dimensions or measurements of structural members. 
  • Investigate the stability, strength, and rigidity of structures
  • Ensure structural safety


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