Sunken Lounge

Sunken Lounge & Why Sunken Lounge Designs

Sunken Lounge

A Sunken Lounge  can be defined as  a living room with a split floor level. The Sunken Lounge is situation where the space of the living room or sitting room is  on a lower level than the kitchen and dining area.  It could be 1 or 2 steps down as you enter the lounge area.

A Sunken Lounge feels open and inviting. An open, sunken  lounge or living area balances the coziness of the kitchen and dining rooms making it beautiful.

Sunken Lounge

Why Sunken Lounge Designs

A sunken living room is an excellent idea for any home decor style as it allows to visually separate the room and achieve it just with a different floor level height and thus your space will not feel darker or smaller.

The sunken lounge is a gorgeous idea for any open plan that is currently hot and trending. Make an open plan or layout with a kitchen, dining area and a sunken lounge room, and you will see how comfortable and relaxed it is.

With your sunken living room, it often has a beautiful view and even cooler, making space feel more relaxing and inviting.

Again, Highlighting the sunken living room with a border of stone or wood makes it more catchy and impressive.

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