Batching of Concrete

Tips to reduce construction cost

If you have decided to construct your own house, here are some tips to save on the cost of construction.

  1. Simple house design

Think about having reduced area by minimizing the number of rooms and bathrooms. Building a two-storey structure over a one-storey building, is a smart strategy. High front elevation with the use of structural elements for beautification, can sure burn a hole in your pocket.Tips to reduce construction cost

  1. Buy building materials yourself

Buy low-maintenance construction materials. Work with your contractor to source the right materials at lower prices which include locally available bricks, cement etc.

Brick Houses in Kenya
  1. Smart technologies

Hire reputable contractors who can help in this regard. Modern construction techniques are advantageous when it comes to achieving a greater percentage of accuracy.

Types of walling materials
Hollow blocks
  1. Experienced professionals

Collaborate with a professional architect and structural engineer to seek advice on saving costs by optimizing the house design.

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