Wallpaper in Kenya

Wallpaper in Kenya; Advantages of Wallpaper Over the Wall Paint

The wallpapers are very trendy because they are not only very beautiful, but also have excellent advantages. This is why people are giving more preferences to the designer wallpapers instead of wall paints.

Wallpaper in Kenya

Wallpaper Prices

Initially, wallpapers used to be more expensive than paint but when you look at it in the long term, they are cheaper. Paints are oxidised after two to three years and need a fresh coat, but wallpapers remain colourful for years. With the advent of technology, the cost of wallpaper is reducing.

A good quality wallpaper will cost approximately Sh1,800 per five-metre roll while a customised wallpaper costs around Sh3,500 per five-metre square.

Wallpaper in Kenya

Wallpaper durability

The designer wallpapers have more durability as compared to the wall paints. The wallpaper can last up to 15 years, three times more than wall paint and will remain in the same condition. The wall paints lose their shine and color start fading after few years, but wallpapers stay as new.

Wallpaper in Kenya

Wallpaper Installation

The best designer wallpapers are easy to be installed, re- installed and removed. There are solution and tools available that are used in installation and removal or the wallpaper. Some residential wallpaper comes in strips so they are easier to install and remove as compare to wall paints.

The wall paints require much time in installation and they do not look perfect unless more than one coat is applied. But the wallpapers do not require that much time.

Wallpaper in Kenya

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Wallpaper catalogs

In the wall paints if you want to make patterns and use multiple colors, this will require much time and an expert who will design patterns by using multiple colors on your walls. But the wallpapers already have amazing textures, patterns and multi colors that simply mesmerizes to eyes.

Wallpaper in Kenya Wallpaper in Kenya Wallpaper in Kenya Wallpaper in Kenya Wallpaper in Kenya Wallpaper in Kenya

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