What Are MRM MINICORR Corrugated Mabati Prices in Kenya

Mabati Rolling Mills (MRM) is the largest distributor of iron sheets in Kenya, known for producing top-quality roofing solutions that are long-lasting.

MRM has been manufacturing roofing materials for multiple decades and is a trusted brand in the Kenyan market. The prices of MRM’s products vary depending on the type and size of the iron sheet.

Unfortunately, there is no information available on Minicorr corrugated mabati prices in Kenya.

MINICORR Corrugated is a type of sinusoidal profile that is commonly used for wall cladding in both exterior and interior applications. It offers both practical and decorative benefits to any home or office, whether it is installed on the ceiling or as walling.

The profile can be installed flat or curved to achieve a different design look and feel, and can run either vertically or horizontally for a contrasting and creative feature.

MINICORR Corrugated is made with an Aluminum-Zinc base that provides extra corrosion resistance, making it last twice as long as ordinary color coated roofing materials.

The superior quality of the paint-systems used allows MRM to offer fade-free warranties ranging from 5 to 15 years. The profile is also customizable in a range of colors and lengths, which can be tailored to customer requirements.

This reduces joints and minimizes the chance of leakage, resulting in more economy due to less wastage.

Matching accessories are available to provide a total roofing solution that is in complete harmony with itself.

Purlin spacings are dependent on the downward loading and negative suction loading caused by wind, and a qualified professional should be consulted to calculate the load for a particular application.

The spacing indicated in the product information are for guidance purposes only, and precise spacing specifications should be worked out based on the design considerations unique to the project or site.

Minicorr sheeting is a mass-market product offered only in standard lengths of 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0m. A length variation range of +/-5.0mm and width tolerance of +/-3.0m are permissible.

When spring curving a roof, it is important to reduce the purling spacing by 20%. The direction of sheet laying should be determined based on the direction of prevailing weather.

Minicorr is pierce-fixed to timber or steel supports, which means that fastener screws pass through the sheeting. The screws can be placed through the crests or in the valleys, but for maximum water tightness, roof screws should always be placed through the crest.

For walling, either crest or valley fixing can be used. Fasteners should always be driven perpendicular to the sheeting and in the center of the corrugation or rib. They should not be placed less than 25mm from the ends of sheets.


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