What are The 4x2 Timber Prices In Kenya?

4×2 Timber Prices In Kenya.

What are The 4×2 Timber Prices In Kenya?

The prices of timber 4×2 in Kenya vary depending on the type of wood. Cypress 4×2 is priced at KES 52 to 59 per foot, while Mukima 4×2 is priced at KES 40 per foot. Another source lists Cyprus timber prices in Nakuru, Bahati, with a price of KES 47-49 per foot.

It is important to note that these prices were last updated in February 2023 and may have changed since then.

4×2 timber is a common size of timber used in Kenya, and it has a wide range of uses in construction and carpentry.

Here are some of the most common uses of 4×2 timber in Kenya:

  1. Roofing structures: 4×2 timber is often used to construct roofing structures such as trusses and purlins. Its strength and durability make it ideal for supporting the weight of roofing materials such as tiles or iron sheets.
  2. Partition walls: 4×2 timber is also used to build partition walls in both residential and commercial buildings. It provides a sturdy frame for the wall and can be covered with plasterboard or other finishing materials.
  3. Window and door frames: 4×2 timber is commonly used to make window and door frames. It is a strong and durable material that can withstand the weight and pressure of windows and doors.
  4. Decking: 4×2 timber is also used for outdoor decking. It is an ideal material for this purpose as it is strong, durable, and can withstand exposure to the elements.
  5. Fencing: 4×2 timber is often used for fencing in residential properties. It can be used to create a sturdy and secure boundary around the property.
  6. Shelving: 4×2 timber can also be used to make shelves and storage units. Its strength and durability make it ideal for holding heavy items.

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