What is Epoxy floor coating?

What Is Epoxy Floor Coating? & Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

What Is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy refers to a combination of resins and hardeners which cause a chemical reaction when they are mixed together. The reaction results in a rigid plastic material formed of tightly-linked cross-polymer structures. This material bonds well to most base layers and creates a durable and highly resistant floor surface.

What is Epoxy floor coating?

Epoxy floor coating is applied as a liquid to concrete floor surfaces and then hardens to form a smooth, hard-wearing floor. The porous nature of concrete means that a bond is formed between the base layer and the epoxy coating, creating a strong and seamless surface.


But the coating must be applied by an epoxy  expert . Only experienced professionals can ensure that the original surface is suitable and that the correct type of epoxy coating is used.

Here is why industries and factory owners  should choose to invest in epoxy floor coatings:

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  • Resists damage from caustic chemicals
  • Bonds with your existing concrete floor
  • Withstands extreme cold and heat
  • Reduces slip and fall accidents
  • Easy to clean and sanitize, even with pressure washing
  • Customizable appearance with safety striping
  • Withstands heavy loads and friction

Epoxy Floor Coating

If you are considering epoxy floors, speak to a  specialist  today. 

Epoxy Floor Coating

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