GCS Roof Insulation Kenya Heavy Duty 50mx1.7mx5mm

What is GCS Roof Insulation Price in Kenya?

The price of GCS roof insulation in Kenya varies depending on the thickness and quantity. A 50mx1.7mx10mm roll of GCS roof insulation costs KSh39,000 while a 5mm thick GCS roof insulation at the best price of about KESh. 25,000.

Other suppliers sell GCS Roof Insulation With Foil 50mx1mx3mm in Nairobi at KSh 13,000.00 KSh 12,000.00

On average, the cost of roof insulation sisalation in Kenya ranges from KSh280 to KSh500 per square meter depending on thickness and quantity

GCS Roof Insulation is a type of insulation material that is designed to be installed in the roof of a building. It is made from various materials such as fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose, and foam.

The primary purpose of roof insulation is to reduce heat transfer and energy consumption by preventing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

GCS Roof Insulation is known for its high thermal resistance, durability, and affordability. It is often used in residential and commercial buildings to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprints, and enhance indoor comfort.

GCS Roof Insulation Kenya Heavy Duty 50mx1.7mx5mm

GCS Roof Insulation Kenya Heavy Duty 50mx1.7mx5mm is a double-sided reflective foil insulation with a 3mm thick polyethylene foam core that provides radiant, reflective, and moisture barrier insulation. It is easy to install, fire-resistant, maintenance-free, and environmentally friendly.

The insulation protects the roof space from heat build-up due to radiant heat penetration by acting as a heat barrier to protect all services within the roof space from drying out, cracking and degradation due to UV and solar heat gain.

It also prevents the need for ACs, coolers or heaters and expansion joints during construction. The materials used in thermal insulation are lightweight than concrete which reduces the dead weight on the roof slab

Advantages of GCS Insulation Foam

The advantages of GCS Insulation Foam include:

  1. Outstanding thermal insulation: With a low thermal conductivity of 0.0293 (W/m °K) (0.37 BTU-in/hr-ft), it provides excellent insulation against heat loss or gain.
  2. Exceptional sound-blocking properties: It has an STC value of 65 and an NRC value of 0.85, making it ideal for blocking contact and airborne noise.
  3. Good vibration absorption: It offers excellent dimensional stability and can provide cushioning against repeated impacts.
  4. Fire retardant: It is self-extinguishing, which makes it safe to use in high-risk environments.
  5. Lightweight, safe, and easy to install: It is free from any synthetic fibers or other substances that could be harmful to humans, making it safe to handle and install.
  6. Effective moisture barrier: It remains unaltered when exposed to moisture, providing a reliable moisture barrier.


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