Types of Shoring

What is Shoring and Types of Shoring used Construction

Shoring Definition

Shoring  Can be defined as the process of  supporting , temporarily, a structure, building, , or trench with shores (props) in order to prevent it from collapsing  during the construction or repair.  Shoring comes from  timber, a shore, or metal prop. Shoring may be  horizontal, vertical or angled.

Shoring can be used when  the walls crack  or when walls bulge out  due to uneven settlement of foundation.  Proper repairs must be undertaken to the cracked wall, when an adjacent structure needs pulling down when openings must be newly enlarged or made into a wall.

Types of Shoring

Shores may be of the following types:

  1. Raking Shores
  2. Flying Shores
  3. Dead Shores

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