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What is Lintel Level | Different Types of Lintel Levels in the Building

What is the Lintel Level

Lintel can be defined as the element of the superstructure that lies in between the the uppermost portion of the window or door and top slab.


The lintel level is basically the height or vertical measurement from the bottom edge to the top horizontal component of a door or window, and it is provided above the windows and doors to transfer the upper wall load or weight to the surrounding wall.



Lintel can be load-bearing, a decorative structural element or can be a combined decorative load-bearing element.

They are typically placed between two vertical supports.

Typically, it is made over the opening of window, door and ventilation. Brick masonry wall weight comes on the lintel. The lintel is designed in a way to bear load or sustain brick masonry wall load safely.

Lintel Level

Types of Lintels

  • RCC Lintel
  • Prestressed Concrete Lintel
  • Wood Lintel
  • Stone Lintel
  • Steel Lintel
  • Brick Lintel

RCC lintel

These types are lintel is made where load comes on the lintel is more. Top of RCC lintel steel is made of reinforcing bars with 12mm diameter (Y12). And bottom reinforcement bar diameter is kept 10 mm diameter. Stirrups use to have a diameter of 6 mm or 8 mm and their vertical spacing keep 125 mm to 150 mm.


Prestressed concrete lintel

At the construction site, the prestressed concrete lintel is used to increase work speed. The load-carrying capacity of prestressed concrete is higher compared to the RCC lintel.


Wood lintel 

In many old buildings, you will find wood lintel. A wooden lintel is a massive beam of timber of at least 200 mm x 200 mm or 8 inches by 8 inches that is used to hold up the 2nd floor above a window or door.

This lintel type is made where the load is not high. 


Stone lintel Level

Strong Stone pieces can be used as lintels, and the width of the lintel must be equal to the thickness of the opening.

Stone lintel level, commonly used in hilly areas, are placed over the openings, where stones are abundant, stone lintels are widely used due to its good compressive strength. Load carry capacity of Stone Lintel is more than RCC lintel.


Steel lintel level

The steel lintel level has a steel angle or rolled joints. Steel lintel level is often used when the load is heavy, or the considerable length of the opening.

Steel joists are often fastened to the concrete to protect the steel from rust and fire. I section steel is used as lintel and load carry capacity is higher than other types of lintels.


Brick lintel 

 Lintel made with the support bricks and mild steels. Bricks are laid such as 1” space left between adjacent bricks for reinforcement purpose. Generally, in bricks lintel 6 mm diameter mild steel bars are recommended.

The brick lintel level does not have excellent resistance against compressed load, and therefore these types of lintel levels are used when the length of the opening not more than 1 meter.

The brick lintel level should have a minimum depth of 20 cm and, the width should be equal to the thickness opening.

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